Bushcraft/Survival skills for individuals, families and groups alike

Up4ItOutdoors provides a range of fun, challenging, stimulating and inspiring bushcraft and survival skills for all types of people.  Bushcraft and survival based activities provide an excellent basis for helping people to understand social skills; team and personal development; as well as environmental issues.

This all action activity is designed to provide an exciting and creative adventure in a wild woodland environment.

      Creating fire by various means (not a match or lighter in sight!!!)

      Food preparation

      Cooking on an open fire

      Building weatherproof shelters

      Filtering water

Training will be given in how to use knives, saws and other edged tools safely and correctly.  A selection of Knives/Axes/Saws/Fire Steels and other equipment will be available for use under supervision.

Our courses aim to introduce you to wilderness survival skills and bushcraft techniques. We run both 1 and 2 day course and cram as much quality instruction and outdoor experience as we possibly can into the programmes

If you opt for our 2 day course, by Saturday night you’ll be sleeping in your own leaf litter shelter, warmed by a fire you’ve lit yourself, eating a meal that you’ve prepared yourself.  You might even be carving something useful or making string from plant fibres by the light of the fire.  After a hearty breakfast, you will take down your shelter, pack your belongings and head off for one of our fun filled adventure activities!!!!!